Posted by: tootingtrumpet | August 28, 2011

Hampshire vs Somerset: Twenty20 Semi-Final – Final Over of the Match

Should be worth double.

Ball One (Hampshire 29-1) – Craig Kieswetter is England’s Twenty20 keeper, but did not feel able to stand up to the very gentle seamers purveyed by Keiron Pollard. With Shahid Afridi at the crease in powerplay cricket, it’s surprising that Kieswetter wouldn’t trust himself to cramp the Peshawar whirlwind for room.

Ball Two (Hampshire 36-1) – Kieswetter again. A throw comes in from long-on that splays the stumps, but the ball, surprisingly, stays close to the wicket, though it could have gone anywhere. In a shortened match like this, every run is vital and Kieswetter needs to be taking the ball in front of the stumps to avoid the ricochet for overthrows.  Old hand Paul Nixon knows that.

Ball Three (Hampshire 104-3) – It’s fun to hear the X Factor Man introducing each batsman, but his stylings work rather better for Shahid Afridi than for Danny Briggs.

Ball Four (Hampshire 128-4) – Alfonso Thomas bowls Shahid Afridi knocking two stumps out of the ground. I know I’m an old bowler, but you really should get two wickets for that.

Ball Five (Somerset  8-0) – With only ten overs to bat, but with all ten wickets in hand, Tresco and co can keep attacking pretty much throughout the innings. I know the algorithm is supposed to be fair, but in such circumstances Duckworth-Lewis always seems to favour the side batting second.

Ball Six (Somerset 50-3)  – Tresco has all the experience in the world, but having seen Keiron Pollard hole out to Imran Tahir’s first ball, he might have been advised to have a little look at the next one. He didn’t, swept uppishly and a game that was getting away from Hampshire was suddenly in the balance. Perhaps one should attack the over rather than the ball – there’s more than one way to get 10 from six deliveries.

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