Posted by: tootingtrumpet | August 28, 2011

Leicestershire vs Somerset: Twenty20 Final – Final Over of the Match

And they say Twenty20 has nothing for the traditionalists

Ball One (Leicestershire 24-1 ) – Good attention to detail from Tresco, positioning Keiron Pollard at deep square leg. Sure enough Josh Cobb connects with a huge skier and the bucket hands of the big West Indian does the rest. I recall (though I can’t be certain) Joel Garner claiming never to have dropped a catch – with his hands one can just about believe it.

Ball Two (Leicestershire 74-1 ) – All around the country at half-past seven on an August Saturday, there are bowlers who a kidding themselves that they are quick. Their run-up is far too long and they actually slow down as they reach the crease and then deliver the ball at 75mph or so, fooling no-one. One of them is Keiron Pollard.

Ball Three (Leicestershire 89-1) – Edgbaston is now the second largest capacity ground in England, with an impressive redevelopment and a very marked desire to please. Given the obvious expense, it’s inexplicable to me that so few seats are covered, exposed to the inevitable rain and less inevitable sun. With roofs cantilevered from the outside, there need be no restricted views.

Ball Four (Leicestershire 124-5) – KeIron Pollard has been called KEiron Pollard all day by the announcer on the PA. One can forgive him getting it wrong at 3.10pm but not at 8.10pm – five hours should be enough for someone to have a word.

Ball Five (Somerset 1-0) – The nipless Hoggy looks a lot quicker than Praveen Kumar. Asked in the press conference about how he felt about Jimmy Anderson being poised to go ahead of him on the all-time England wicket-taking list, he was very generous in his praise. England have two Test matches in the Spring in Sri Lanka – they’ll never go back to Hoggy, but his mix of swing and seam would be ideal on the bowlers’ graveyards of Galle and Colombo.

Ball Six (Somerset 43-2)  – Not sure how the day will end, but one issue is not in doubt. Twenty20 Finals day works perfectly – a tremendous jamboree for the crowd and superb sports entertainment in the best sense of that phrase.

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