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What’s wrong with cricket this week by Hugh Fatt-Barstad – January 29

One of England's best young girl cricketers courtesy of

One of England’s best young girl cricketers courtesy of

What marvelous news – the girls are having a little World Cup of their own, starting later this week!

I’ve long been a champion of getting the ladies involved in the recreational game – making the teas, organising whist round fundraisers, laundering whites. It gives them a sense of involvement and a bit of an insight into the grand old game. And if some of the more adventurous girls have completed their chores and want to have a bit of a go at it too,  then why not? (As long as it’s not at the weekend or clashes with midweek nets or the groundsmen’s duties and so on).

Now the very best of the girls have swapped their pinnies and tennis racquets for bats and balls (hard balls too – today’s girls demand equality you know, don’t they just). And they’re off to India for a few jolly japes and a some matches amongst fellow trailblazers for Women’s Lib from other cricket countries. Won’t it be fun if the menfolk have to make their teas! I’d pay good money to see a photo of that scene!

England’s girls appear to have a good chance of winning. No doubt plenty of maiden overs will be delivered by our girl bowlers and the bloom of English womanhood, so far from home, won’t be wanting for tickles down to Long Leg, if I’m any judge!

That the girls are playing on proper cricket grounds with proper bats and balls is the kind of thing that can only be expected in today’s modern world. You even see pretty young things in the crowd at Lord’s who aren’t even the girlfriends or sisters of the players. They’re allowed in the pavilion these days too, a decision I supported 100%, eventually. I’ve struck up a conversation or two with them and they know their stuff – the follow-on, the number of overs left in an ODI, most of the LBW law – and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some even making it to a seat in the Media Centre over the next twenty years or so.

So I’ll be leading the cheering for the England captain and her brave batswomen and getting behind the girls in India (though not in the same way that Wally did, all too often, on the ’56-’57 Tour, which some still claim led to the unfortunate Bengal penicillin shortages that winter). As long as none of the poppets get hurt by the ball and their husbands are happy for them to be away from home, then why the hell not?


  1. Trickles down to long leg?

    *reaches for the brain bleach*

    • Even H F-B would have drawn the line at that one!!

  2. Is it really Stewart Broad in the pic?

    • Yes it is. He looked like that a lot when he first came into the side.

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