Posted by: tootingtrumpet | May 9, 2019

England vs Pakistan First ODI – The Final Over of the Day

You might want to get used to this

Ball One – Archer makes his bow

Jofra “William Tell” Archer looked to the manner born as he uncolied his lithe frame to deliver his first over on or about off stump at 90mph or so. It is, of course, a cruel and unfair thing to say, but Chris Woakes immediately looked a little passé at the other end, just that click or two slower, but a click that can turn a “good length” to an “in the slot”. But that’s cricket, sport, indeed life itself at the highest level. Archer may not be Micheal Holding 1976 (well, he’s bowling from the wrong end) but he’s closer than most I’ve seen at The Oval in the intervening 43 years.

Ball Two – Shepherds proved to be wise men

It’s an old cliche of course, but one wonders how this country ever invented this game. In just over three scheduled hours play, we’ve had sun, cloud, rain and hail with players on and off the pitch with, to be fair, a clear imperative to play whenever possible in front of a very decent crowd. It’s been very cold, cold and pleasantly warm too. So how, back on Broadhalfpenny Down all those generations ago, did the shepherds not pack it in and go to the pub or, at the very least, make a bigger ball, separate the stumps by yards instead of inches and start a kickabout? Let’s be thankful for their perseverance.

Ball Three – Down time when it’s too early to go downtown

What do cricketers do in these long rain delays? I believe that they are denied access to their phones (security and all that) and, one presumes, the internet as well, so do they watch Countdown and Pointless or sit and chat? Maybe they compare IPL contracts these days, while eyeing brochures from Ferrari and Lear. In simpler times, it was a Woodbine or two and a copy of the Sporting Life, but, you know, tempus fugit…

Post abandoned!

Ball Four –

Ball Five –

Ball Six –

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