Posted by: tootingtrumpet | July 26, 2019

Surrey vs Glamorgan T20 – The Final Over of the Day

Ball One – Sweet Caroline (and Carl and Qadir)

Despite London rain delaying the start and it being still stiflingly hot after a even stiflinglyer hot day following on the stickiest night of the year, there’s barely an empty seat in the house for… Glamorgan. People are glad to be at the cricket, glad to join in with Neil Bloody Diamond and glad to be knocking back a drink or two ten. And the The Oval looks a picture, as the lights take over from the hazy evening sunshine – so who wouldn’t enjoy it? Who cares if the punters can’t count in base six or won’t identify with a county rather than a franchise with a camp nickname or even don’t care that much for the cricket at all? You’re telling me that this is the look of failure?

Ball Two – Fantastic fielding

The fielding is really something isn’t it? Boundary catches are balletic, diving stops athletic and throwing ferocious. Every season, the skills seem a notch or two higher and the outfield is as least as compelling a spectacle as the middle in T20’s manic mayhem.

Ball Three – Not so Fantastic Mr Fox

As happens sometimes in championship games, a fox appeared from the Vauxhall End, evaded the stewards and offered a pithy opinion on the play at deep backward point. Unlike the champo punters, the T20 crowd lapped it up (not literally…) and the scrawny thing was cheered off when it eventually made its retreat (and the man with the shovel roundly booed). They really will greet anything with enthusiasm at the T20 – so you have to buy in, and roll with the flow.

Ball Four – Electric Curran(T) leads the attack

Glamorgan set off in search of 142 for the win with Pakistan’s dasher, Fakhar Zaman, the man most likely. But he would have to do so against six international bowlers, the pick probably the wily Tom Curran, a real handful in the white ball game. One can only speculate as to why anyone would want to dilute this talent by condensing 18 teams into 8 – but the marketing boys must know best…

Ball Five – Hat-trick!

The Oval explodes as Curran seals a hat-trick with Billy Root’s wicket and sets off on an Imran Tahir of the ground. All were good balls too. Glamorgan are 6-3 and the crowd are, as the saying has it, in the game.

Ball Six – Woeful Welsh wobble as Surrey walk it

Glamorgan, rabbits in the floodlights after that start, had no answer to a Surrey side who were enjoying themselves in a season in which smiles have been few and far between. That said, after a largely now forgotten comic interlude with a runner confusing matters during the tenth wicket stand, 44 all out is a tad embarrassing in front of a capacity crowd.


  1. Blimey Gary, that was quick! Hope you enjoyed it more than I did…

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