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Nesta Quin was born on a starry night four decades ago on the shores of the Parramatta River just a stones throw from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. He was educated at Fort Street and Sydney University where he occasionally attended classes when not playing cricket. He has never married, has accidentally sired four beautiful children and is perennially haunted by the memory of repercussions suffered after sledging an aging Jeff Thomson in South Brisbane one sunny afternoon. Although, chronically ergophobic Nesta is currently writing a book about kookaburras, aromatherapy and jelly beans. If you’d like to contact Nesta click here.


The Tooting Trumpet sits in South London and contemplates the great gift that is cricket. You can find me talking about cricket at http://guerillacricket.com/ and writing about it at http://www.theguardian.com/sport/99-94-cricket-blog and http://www.wisdenindia.com/author/garynaylor.

I write about theatre at http://www.broadwayworld.com/author/Gary-Naylor#.U-dDKYBdXE4, football at http://evertonia.wordpress.com/ and other stuff at http://tootingtrumpet.wordpress.com/.

Find me on Twitter @garynaylor999


Rajesh Kannan’s first memory is India’s win at the World Championship of Cricket in 1985, and things have gone downhill ever since. Living in sunny Singapore, he’s spared the jingoism of a national cricket press, but wishes he could just retire and travel to watch cricket full-time. In the meantime, he’s content to catch the game on the tube, and continues his fruitless search for a stroke to match Mark Waugh’s flick off the hips.



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    • Thanks John. I’ll have a look at the site.

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  5. I always wondered who Mouth of the Mersey was. Delighted to find you here! Been an avid (if silent) reader of the cricket pages in the Guardian and yours is one of the names whose comments I always read.

    • Thank you for those kind words Saurabh.

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  14. I LOVE this site. Laughed like a drain (despite never having understood that particular simile).

  15. Loved your site and biggest point is you have still kept this updated since a long time. If I am not wrong I visited your site way back in 2011. Keep loving cricket

  16. I wonder if you (you and you) can be persuaded to take part in the cricket blogger survey that I’m hosting on Declaration Game. It would be great to have you all involved. Thanks Chris

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