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The ICC World Twenty20 Final – Preview

Definitely not gay

The Trumpet appreciates the loyal readership of 99.94 and apologises for his lack of contributions over the last few weeks. He has been doing some ball-by-ball commentary at the excellent, theatre reviewing at and has been wrapping up his affairs at work after nearly twenty years with the same employer. From next week, he will be wearing a sign around his neck saying, “Will dance for food” and writing rather more regularly at 99.94. Thanks to friends for their contributions below the line recently.

So England will face holders Pakistan in the final of the ICC World Twenty20… hang on, Michael Hussey has just barged me out of the way and is writing his own script.

So England will face old enemy Australia thanks to an innings of – though one hesitates to use the phrase about T20 – cricketing genius from a man who was written off as an international cricketer in his early twenties and then again before his career saving, Ashes losing, century at The Oval in August. Mohammad Aamer, in particular, deserved more, as did his benighted nation, but Mr Cricket said No. Englishmen understand how Pakistanis feel right now – we remember Bevan and Bichel in 2003.

Whilst Friday’s semi-final will always be Mike Hussey’s match, his pyrotechnics were only possible because Cameron White counter-attacked from Number Six and Mitchell Johnson hit a four from his first ball and got off strike with his other two. For two such infuriatingly naive bowlers, they make very canny batsmen.  Batting, just shading fielding, is the Australian trump suit with Hussey, Warner and Watson all striking at a better rate than England’s best, Michael Lumb.  England’s batting has relied heavily on the new father KP and the impish invention of Eoin Morgan. England will probably want to set a target and use scoreboard pressure to tame the Australians’ big guns, as Pakistan so nearly did – once going, Aus could bat England out of the match in the first ten overs.

The story is similar amongst the bowlers, with Nannes’, Tait’s and MJ’s power taking wickets and in Tait’s case, though I can scarcely believe it, keeping the runs down. England look to Bresnan’s and Broad’s fast-medium seamers supported by Michael Yardy (our David Hussey) and the slyness of Swanny. Put like that, England’s attack looks popgun.

On paper the, it’s a no contest, as Australia’s odds of 4/7 show. But England have had a bit of luck against Australia in recent times and have players in KP, Broad and Swanny who won’t be fazed by the testosterone wafting down from the green and gold clad muscle-boys. Can England win only the second global tournament in a major sport within my memory span? They can – but they probably won’t.


  1. Yes, as usual (the 18 months when they were good aside), Engand look much the weaker side on paper; but, in this tournament (so far), for once they’ve been punching above their weight. When was the last time they did that in ANY format? I’m at more of a distance from cricket these days than I’d like, but it seems to me the answer is “under Nasser”. Fair?

    I’m looking forward to tuning in to TMS, if I can get it, and if I dare go against the advice of a friend who thinks I’m going to jinx England if I listen.

    Best of luck with dancing for food. If your moves are as bad as mine, you’ll find it works a treat – if you like rotten tomatoes.

  2. I have fancied the English to do well in this tournament ever since they were ‘fortunate’ to come through the group stage. I say ‘fortune’ not in so much that they were lucky, but given that their only poor performance was the crucial game against Ireland which was finally abandoned.

    The Aussies may well start favourites … and may well have had their bad performance already. But they are lacking runs in the middle order, and Mr Cricket won’t save them every time.

    England have played smart cricket – bowlers mixing it up and batters hitting aggressively but cleverly. If they reproduce, they will be difficult to beat.

  3. England to win the trophy and KP to score runs!

    Please have a look at my cricket blog.


  4. Mac – the answer to your question is almost correct as it should be, “…eventually, under Nasser”. Try if TMS doesn’t work.

    Rohan – good to see you here. England have continued with this gift of doing enough to win without ever looking dominant. In the way that Andy Flower’s career stats stand up pretty well against Gilly’s, his team similarly doing good work quietly.

    greyblazer – welcome to you too. Optimism indeed!

  5. Kieswetter and Lumb can be the key. Looking at the way both play they should like pace but Australians have bowlers who bowl at 150+.

  6. I am eternally grateful that the Trump refrained himself, and I don’t know how, from subjecting us all to cheesecake pics of Prior. And also , that our Indian contributors used self control and didn’t regale us with some of Yuvraj’s pectorals.

    Small mercies though they be, again, my thanks.

    I make no predictions except one that cannot be faulted. AU will play on till the last ball is bowled and the last wicket stands.

    May the best team win.

  7. Sorry, a mistake I made, I meant to say ‘some of Yuvraj’s many pectorals’

  8. and the best of luck to the Ladies T20… AU v NZ. .

  9. oh hell why not? .. Great stuff , Jessica Watson.. and my god, Cadell. Cadell. *worship*

  10. Quite impressive Watson, isn’t he?
    Anyone have a good live video stream? After Hussey yesterday, I feel I should watch this.


    try all the servers, Fred.

  12. HQlive



    I always close the chatrooms attached.

  13. Got it, thanks Pepp.

  14. fear not, Fred. … its merely the preliminary skirmish.

    Mango and I are not concerned yet.

  15. As long as Pup isn’t worried I’m not worrying.

  16. any other team, I’d be worried, but Aus always does, it’s just a question of who. Obviously not Watson, Warner or Haddin, today.

  17. Now Pup is worried, and so am I and so is Mango.

  18. Mitch and Dirk and Snowtown and Steve will have to bowl like maniacs.

    But they can, so…

  19. Cam will have to bat like buggery.

  20. en fin!

  21. merde

    *crying now*

  22. They’ll end up being competitive, and then it will depend on the bowlers, which is not such a bad thing.

  23. not often you see two brothers batting together in an International match..

    ah.. wait. we had the Ukmal brothers for Pakistan.. but did they bat together?? can’t remember.

  24. This is not the time to Snowtown to have the wobbles. I hope someone has handed him a big fat spliff in the dressing sheds.

    oh christ.. I wish it was Mitch out there instead of the lovely Steve

  25. 147 should do. Sounds like you’re the one that needs the spliff!

  26. * nailbite.. * ..

  27. oh you bloody beauty, Shaun!

  28. Kev in to bat, and I am suddenly helplessly giggling.. I can’t help it.

  29. ah well played, England. First trophy, and well done.

  30. England? You’ve got to be joking. Still, they did it fair and square.
    Is England becoming serious again?

  31. Oops, I’ll just have to pretend my last comment was tongue in cheek. Taking England seriously after winning tip and giggle with a combined Eng/SA team would be silly.
    In respect to serious cricket, they did OK in the last Ashes, the next test will be to see how they do in Australia soon.

  32. Pepp – Thank you.

    Fred – T20 isn’t the test that Tests are, but the team played very well at times, especially when it mattered most.

    • That they did. Congrats to them.

  33. Cheers Fred.

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